Ironies/ Ptah-Sokar-Ausir


Detail showing the process of building up bas-reliefs of icon details with gesso.  This is the most time consuming aspect of the entire creation process, spanning more than one month of intensive work to build up various thicknesses of detail in the gesso, which are then gilded with pure 22k gold.  “Ptah-Sokar-Ausir“~ an original Kemetic icon by master iconographer Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa/ Panel 1 of The Sacred West Triptych


Here it is, one of the great ironies of my artistic life.  I sit here for four hours building up ram’s horns on a deity Who is actually a sparrow hawk. Work on Ptah-Sokar-Ausir progresses at a snail’s pace, and the Netjer says to me “dude, when am I going to get my gold!”.

I love you Ptah-Sokar-Ausir, and my hand is falling off just about now.


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