A Night of Blessing For Ptah-Sokar-Ausir

On this night of the Six Day Feast (the First Quarter Moon observance) we observe the triumph of the God Ausir over His enemies, together with another kind of triumph; the completion of the bas-reliefs of my icon panel for Ptah-Sokar-Ausir.  This concludes several weeks of work from the initial design and under drawing to the current stage of production.  The creation of bas-reliefs with liquid gesso is the most painstaking and time consuming aspect in the creation of my icons, followed by the application of pure 22 karat gold leaf.

Tonight the icon of Ptah-Sokar-Ausir is receiving the blessings of Lord Ptah and Lord Sokar in our shrine, on this evening when the Netjer Ausir is vindicated against those who sought to destroy Him.  From this First Quarter Moon until the night of the Full Moon on the 25th, the sacred incarnation of the Wedjat Eye is slowly “filled”, until its ultimate fulfillment or “filling” on the night of the Full Moon.  This is the “Filling of the Wedjat Eye”, and establishes the ascendancy of the Netjer Ausir in the wholeness of His celestial power.  Thus this is the appropriate time for my icon of Ptah-Sokar-Ausir to receive the charge of the sacral days of the Moon, which provide empowerment for all activities of the Temple accomplished at this time.

For the next week, the bas-reliefs of this icon panel of Ptah-Sokar-Ausir will be carefully gilded, after which the layering of the precious mineral pigments will begin.

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