A Golden God

Ptah-Sokar-Ausir Gilded

The completed reliefs gilded with 22kt gold on the icon panel of “Ptah-Sokar-Ausir“~ an original Kemetic icon by master iconographer Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa/ Panel 1 of The Sacred West Triptych


January 8, 2016- the day before New Moon day- saw the completion of the gilding phase for the Deity House or inner panel of my Ptah-Sokar-Ausir icon. The Netjer has now been spiritually activated (not the same, though, as being ritually Opened or Awakened, which follows the completion of the entire panel) through the application of 22kt gold, which links the Netjer’s body to the indestructible power (sekhem) of the solar/ celestial region.  A true cult image, in the Kemetic sense, must be composed of precious materials in order to be fit for divine occupation, and foremost of precious substances is gold, the ritual and symbolic skin of the Gods.

The layering of precious mineral color began on New Moon day (January 9, 2016) following a ritual of irradiation, during which the newly gilded icon panel was set upright before my studio window to receive the first rays of sunlight on the New Moon festival day.  This action allowed the fresh gilding on the Netjer to be united with the blessing of Ra, and to instill within the icon panel the celestial/ spiritual element needed for the transfiguration of earthly elements.

I am presenting below a rather extensive album (of non professional pictures) featuring the completed and gilded bas-reliefs of my Ptah-Sokar-Ausir icon.  I have shot the icon panel in natural light, shifting both panel and camera to capture the raised and gilded surfaces from as many angles as possible. These will allow the viewer to see how the gilded surfaces react in full and partial sunlight, together with how the varied depths of the reliefs show differently depending on where the eye of the viewer sits in relation to the panel.



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