Filling of the Wedjat Eye

January 16, 2016 will mark the Six Day Feast or First Quarter Moon, which begins the “Filling of the Wedjat Eye”.  This series of lunar events, concluding on Full Moon day (January 23rd), signifies the restoration of the Divine Wedjat Eye, the power of the Netjer that is divided and then reassembled to become whole (uwdja) or healed.  This is a powerful time each month for the initiation of sacred activities, and in my profession as an iconographer, it is a time for beginning the “filling in” of the Deity House or inner panel of an icon with color.

New Moon day (January 9th) began the actual process of layering color on the Netjer proper.  This day embodies conception, activation, and launching of divine power.  Spiritual seeds are planted that come to full fruition during the days for Filling the Wedjat Eye.  Using precious natural mineral pigments, the application of color always begins with the eye of the deity, working outward in a clockwise manner.  The pigments used for Ptah-Sokar-Ausir include real lapis lazuli, garnet, red fuchsite, bloodstone, amethyst, and jadeite.  These are natural pigments  blended with gum arabic and used as watercolor; first undergoing a process of blessing as they are mixed with holy water that has been ritually charged in the shrines of the Netjeru (Gods).

Below is a sneak peak at the first stages of color layering on New Moon day- January 9, 2016.



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