Brief Thoughts On Purpose



At the end of the day my work is for the Gods, not for the gratification of human eyes. When we look at the “art” of the ancient Egyptians- the amazing reliefs and paintings in the tombs, and the objects that were placed in these holy places- we are astounded by the quality and attention to mastery that went into their making.

But we must stop and think how so much of these wonders were never intended to be seen by human eyes once they were crafted and sealed away. The reliefs and sacred texts that were the life’s work of master sculptors and painters…religious treasures like those buried with Tutankhamun…these were not created for mortal eyes, nor as “art” pieces for human consumption.

Egypt’s “art” was and is a spiritual technology designed to drawn the Gods into our world, and in so doing, to maintain the sacred order of creation via an interdependent relationship…one in which human beings and Gods are co-creators. In this relationship, sacred images, cult images, are the lenses through which the Gods enter and exit the material world. Each aspect of a sacred composition is part of an overall process of magical dialogue with the divine powers, and is crafted to harness and reflect those powers in the physical world.

My work as an iconographer serves these aims. I am less interested in creating works of beauty for people to look at, and entirely devoted to creating and activating bodies of divine splendor, wherein the deity may actually reside and receive the service of living cultus. Less and less I am concerned with how others receive my work, because my work is, first and foremost, a vehicle for the Gods. Human beings may be able to see my icons, but it is really the Gods that use them, and this is ultimately what gives my work its power, longevity, and authenticity.

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