Hymn to Ptah-Sokar-Ausir For Bestowing the Netjer a Holy Image of His Form

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Ptah-Sokar-Ausir Lord of the Secret Shrine

An original Kemetic icon by master iconographer Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa
Extra fine watercolor, gold, semi-precious stones on 8″x10″ archival panel

Genuine mineral pigments used as watercolor:
lapis lazuli (sourced from Chile), amethyst (Soladad, Brazil), bloodstone (Alaska, USA), jadeite (Alaska, USA), piemontite (Alaska, USA), rhodonite (Bellahorizonte, Brazil), red fuchsite (Brazil), garnet (Brazil)
22 karat gold, Sterling silver, copper

sardonyx (India), fire opal (Mexico), moonstone, opal set in obsidian (Australia), onyx
Austrian crystal elements by Swarovski®.


Worship of Ptah-Sokar-Ausir when He appears by twilight on the western horizon of the sky, when His glorious ba manifests the completion of Atum on earth, when an offering is made by Ptahmassu, the servant of the God, the master color artist and scribe of the Gods, artisan of the House of Life who casts the shadow of the God as a living ba in its image, who has spent his life making images of the Gods, the unique one, the son of Ptah given life and vindicated forever, who says:

Homage to You O Ptah-Sokar-Ausir Who comes upon His sand, the Lord of the Secret Shrine, the Great God Who is ruler of the beautiful west, the Lord of the Sacred Land residing in the west, the Great God Who is Foremost of the Westerners!

Praises rise for You in the region of the subterranean waters; the inhabitants of the Netherworld gather together to lift the sound heard only by the spirits of the hours, who wail for You, who create a shuddering for You in that Place of the Hauling where the corpse of Ra is revivified.

Praises rise for You Who wears the mantle of the horizons upon His shoulders; the falcon of dappled plumage whose name is ‘Ra the Lofty One of the Double Horizon’ , He whose form of ruddy gold dazzles the eastern house when it appears; Your appearances blinding the sky, glittering, casting out a feathery net of pure gold, whose wings are the very sky when she stretches out her arms.

Praises rise for You Who descends in the mountain of the west with the Wedjat Eye in His grasp; the Sacred Eye is completed in the company of Your hand, which foretells the Filling of the Eye in its moment of the sky; whose radiation encompasses the Gods of the Hours; whose light beams penetrate the Duat and mantle the corpse of the Sun.

Praises are given to You in Your mysterious region, in Your secrets, in Your darkness, in Your terror; these things that make You complete and unknowable in Your vast caverns beyond the sky. Humankind does not know You, the Gods cannot predict Your forms, whereas all that the sun encircles belongs to You when its time has been completed. O Form, O Lord of the Duat, possessing the torch of life in the place where diminishment falls; praise is Yours, and You hear it as it tears open the sky!

O Ptah-Sokar-Ausir, take Your image as a doorway from the sky;
take Your image as the glittering prow of the Henu Ark,
whose runners break the backs of Your enemies- death and inertness-
upon the earth,
whose oars tread the sacred sky and Her outstretched arms,
whose mound is the gateway of souls;
and let me be called up by Your voice of terrible thunder;
let my body live again, my corpse shine as a spirit of pure gold!

The bones of Your enemies- oblivion and impotence- crumble and break;
for You are terrible in Your strength,
and when You rise in the sky
the Gods tremble in Your wake!
The sky in the east makes a gift of Your terror
to the sleepy mountain of sunrise;
in the west Your complete form is taken by the gap of the horizon,
where the dead are roused and make a cry of Your name.

I praise the Lord of the Netherworld Who is my dread lord!
He comes as the Lord of the Secret Shrine,
He of that place in the cavern of darkness
where the mantle of the Sun-God is carried through to the dawn.

Homage to You O Ptah-Sokar-Ausir!
You are Ptah, Tatenen, the Unique One of dynamic forms;
You are Sokar, He Who is Upon His Sand, of power in the Henu Ark;
You are Ausir, Wen-Nefer, Foremost of the Westerners Who is good.

Homage to You O Ptah-Sokar-Ausir, Wen-Nefer, the perfect god Who shines in the holy west for the eyes of the blessed!

Homage to You O Ptah-Sokar-Ausir, Khenty-Amentiu, the Forerunner of the Western Ones, the Opener of the Way in Whose tread all holy souls follow!

Homage to You O Ptah-Sokar-Ausir in Rosetau, Who leads and governs in the Place of the Hauling, Who knows the roads and their gates, Who throws open the doors of the sky, Who stands at the Place of the Dragging, Who unseals the Duat before the feet of the blessed!

Homage to You O Ptah-Sokar-Ausir of the Secret Shrine, Master of Shetyt, Whose circumference in strides crosses the threshold of the sky, surpassing millions of forms;
Your manifestation more far-reaching than the sun!

Homage to You O Ptah-Sokar-Ausir, Hap the Bull, husband of the sky and governor of its timely flood;
You are the Holy Bull, the green of appearances, the thundering of feet over the clouds, the lightning of His cow, upon whose flank sails the Ark of Morning tide!

Homage to You O Ptah-Sokar-Ausir, Nefertem, the Holy Lotus, revivifying power at the nostrils of Ra;
You are the coming into being of Ra from His corpse in the Duat;
You shine from His forehead, and gleam as electrum from His body;
You are the ba of Ra springing up from His mound;
You are the secret mound of the beginning, knowing the Gods before They came into being.

O my dread Lord, O Ptah-Sokar-Ausir Who wears the bright atef-crown, the Right Eye and the Left Eye of the Sky-Lord;
when I speak to You, I speak to You in color;
when I pray to You, I pray to You in gold;
when I cry to You, I cry in stones made from mountains;
and when You answer me, You answer in forms
fashioned from the sky.
Terrible in Your darkness,
holy in Your light,
great in terror and dazzling in Your might;
You, O Ptah-Sokar-Ausir, are the lord of that Mysterious Region,
and Your secret shrine is the Place of the Hauling.
Come O Lord of shouting Who tears the sky,
and receive this image my heart has conceived!
When those who know You behold it,
they behold Your ba of heaven,
descended in earthly form.

As for anyone who sees this image of the ba of Ptah-Sokar-Ausir, who says “it is Ptahmassu the artisan who has made it as a gift for his lord”, and who makes an offering to his ka on behalf of the God, this one shall be given a portion of offerings from the hand of the God; they shall receive fulfillment of life in the Henu Ark, and shall be given power to take shape as a spirit of light amongst the ranks of the blessed. As for the one who honors this image with offerings, it means that they shall be known by name at the board of offerings of the God; this is a matter a million times true!

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