Crashing Through The Gates



It is through dream incubation, divination, and a number of other factors that I arrive at the icon images I bring forth with my hands. My current works, the Sacred West Triptych (Ptah-Sokar-Ausir Lord of the Secret Shrine, Anpu Lord of the Sacred Land, and Auset the Great Enchantress), are edging surely towards completion; and I had thought my next triptych in this series was fixed, but the Netjeru have had Their way, making Their voices clearly heard. Lord Setesh (Sutekh, Set) has been walking with me very strongly the past month or so, and with Him a host of the Lords of the Desert; but also Lord Djehuty has stepped forward to demand greater attention and devotion, though He is and always has been a very strong presence in my spiritual life and work. I have a very strong bond with Lord Montu that I have nourished since my high school days, but have only rarely spoken of.

It seems now that Lords Set, Djehuty, and Montu have crashed through the gates of my iconographic plans and have decreed my focus on Them for my next triptych. I had already planned on including these Netjeru in my “Gods of Life, Gods of Death” series of icons, but had not scheduled Them to a specific time frame. I do not work according to my own personal agenda and desires, but instead always ask the Gods to take my heart and hands into Their keeping, and to let me know through clear signs what They need, want or require of me in my craft. Divination is part of this, which I always ask from external sources I trust and know can be counted on; and for good measure I ask divination from parties wholly unrelated to one another so that results can be compared and cannot be biased.

Once again, the Netjeru have made Their voices clearly heard. Lord Djehuty requires me to create an icon for Him as the central panel of my next triptych. The other two positions will be filled by Lord Set (left panel facing right) and Lord Montu (right panel facing left). The oracle I received was very clear that Lord Djehuty needed me to step up the process of birthing an image for Him, and Lords Set and Montu likewise require my hands quickly following. It is a strange and wondrous life, to be called to service and directed by one’s Gods. The Holy Powers walk with us in everything, and when we listen, when we open the ears of our heart to Their direction, our achievements become a living path of Their presences; a path that twists through dark and light, agony and ecstasy, ignorance and initiation. It all becomes the play of the Sacred, and life is a full house!

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