For Whom the Sky Shakes


The “Aegis of Sutekh Great of Strength” / Panel #2 of the Lords of Valor Triptych~ An original Kemetic icon by Master Iconographer Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa / Extra fine watercolor, acrylic, precious metal, semi-precious stones on 5″ x 7″ museum conservation panel / Genuine mineral pigments used as watercolor:  lapis lazuli (sourced from Chile), amethyst (Soladad, Brazil), bloodstone (Alaska, USA), jadeite (Alaska, USA), piemontite (Alaska, USA), rhodonite (Bellahorizonte, Brazil), red fuchsite (Brazil), garnet (Brazil), hematite (Utah, USA) / 22kt yellow gold, 23kt rose gold, platinum / Cabochon gemstones:  fire opals (Mexico) & carnelian / Austrian lead crystal elements by Swarovski®


Homage to You O Suty,
O Sutekh, O Setesh, O Set;
O Dread Lord for Whom the sky shakes,
Red-haired Lord of Terror
Whose countenance tears the sky,
And causes the vault to shudder.

O Lord of the Sky
Who approaches by thunder,
Who ejaculates by lightning,
Most terrible and beautiful of the Netjeru;
I praise Your terror and Your beauty,
For as the Son of Nuit
You are sublime of body
And glorious in Your deeds!

O Master of the Southland,
Wearer of the Diadem,
Keeper of the Cobra Goddess,
Upon Whose brow glitters
The inheritance of Shu;
Descendant of Geb Who claims
What is His by right;
May Your Shade go above me by day
And your Ba by night,
For I am one who has praised
Your name upon the earth,
Who has acclaimed the Son of Nuit
As the greatest of the Gods.

Homage to You
O Lord of the Red Land,
The One Who begets power
And sustains His subjects;
Your power is known within my essence,
And Your name is the arrow
Shot from the vessel of my heart.

– Homage to the Aegis of Sutekh Great of Strength by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

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